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Twin wall flue system

Manufactured in Italy, the DP25 double wall series is the leading product in Roccheggiani's range of flue systems. It can be used for a wide variety of purposes whether installing a traditional stove or a modern high efficiency condensing appliance, the DP25 product offers the ideal solution.

DP25 is a double wall system that can be installed both inside and outside thanks to an efficient thermal insulation system made of high density rock wool, which guarantees the optimal performance in all weather conditions.

The new flues are easy to install, weatherproofed fully sealed components made to give uncompromisingly the best possible performance for both installation and use. The range has been tested and approved to EN 1856-1 with the following designation T600 N1 V2 L50500 G50. The system is available in 5"/6" matt black and stainless steel finishes which come with a comprehensive warranty.

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