Leather Finish Granite. Back Hearth Hearth

Leather Finish Granite. Back Hearth Hearth

Leather Finished Granite with a matte, textured (rough) finish.


Back hearth (36" x 16" x 20mm)

Flat 20mm Leather Finish Granite 


No polished / finished edges


The back hearth would normally sit in the recess of your fireplace opening. This should be cut to size by a compotent tradesman and sat on a bed of cement bringing it up level flush to the height of the front hearth.



    Leather finishing Granite has become a new trend for customers looking for a unique 'rougher' surface.

    Leather finished Granite has undergone the difficult process of having its surface run over repeatedly with a a diamond tipped brush. Removing the worst of imperfections but remaining sympathetic to the natural roughness and slight changes in consistency.

    This process makes its a popular choice for both urban and traditional installations. 

    A hearth that's strong in depth and character, rather than the shine and gloss of the honed and polished equivalent 


    We ensure that all hearths undertake multiple quality checks before being packaged ready for collection or delivery. Although you are welcome to arrange your own courier service for collection, or collect in person - We do not outsource any of our deliveries. We offer an in house door to door delivery service to guarantee your new hearth reaches you in A1 condition.

    On receipt of your new hearth you will be encouraged and given plenty of time to check for any faults or damages. Any un packing and re packaging can be provided on request.

    We offer no hassle refund for all hearths returned undamaged in original packaging for the first 72hrs of delivery or collection.


    We offer free shipping when using the fitting services of our recommended tradesman - www.justfitfires.com & www.woodchuckers.co.uk

    We provide our own in house door to door delivery service for addresses within 1hr drive of our base in Northwood HA6 1BA for £50

    Hearths are also available for collection by you in person or by your own arranged courier service. We can not be responsible for any damages that may be caused in 3rd party transit and although we can help load any hearths into your vehicle it will be the responsibility of yourself or the courier company to ensure adequate protection for any hearths in transit.